Hare – Asteroid Turf

A lovely HAREpolish for you today, I picked this up a few weeks ago from one of the restocks on Llarowe Polish Shop.  Its a super saturated green polish with hot pink glitter in it.  What I love about this polish is that the glitter is all the same size.

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Application requires a little bit of concentration, really just to ensure an even spread of the glitter across the nail.  This can be addressed in additional coats.  I did two reasonably thick coats and I think the colour built up well, its a lovely green grass jelly polish.  I base coated with Essie all-in-one and top coated with Seche Vite to provide an even and shiny top coat.  It dried ever so slightly bumpy, enough to annoy me and the Seche really helped to bring out the colour.  Wear is like iron, the glitter holds the whole thing fast and suprisingly removal was not a huge PITA.  A massive and pleasing bonus.

Follow the HARE blog, visit HAREpolish on esty to purchase, like the Facebook page or visit Llarowe to buy.  Collections are released fairly regularly, with lots of updates on the blog and Fsacebook, and there are some lovely new ones for late fall.  Do you have any HARE recommendations?


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