Rescue Beauty Lounge – Santa Fe

So, this little love, is my first ever RBL…. my first and only.  Santa Fe is from the GOMM collection, which is still available online.  Now, why does a polish head such as myself only have one, because lets be honest, they are gorgeous.  They are pricey.  Seriously pricey and international shipping is wallet hurting.  But, that aside, I was able to score one through a blog sale at a fab price.  So here we go, Santa Fe in her orangey glory!

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What we have above is three thin coats, seriously thin, but its lovely.  A super orange colour with a hint of a shimmer in the bottle which you can only just see on the nail.  The shimmer is a green colour and together with the orange it looks awesome, and really captures the essence of the desert.  Anyway, that aside, the formula is lovely.  Really easy to work with, not too runny not too goopy, just spot on. Drying time was average. I use Essie all-in-one as my base coat with a Seche Vite top coat.

Do you have any RBL?  What would you recommend?

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