Catrice – No Snow Petrol


I have another little beauty for your viewing pleasure today, although have you noticed the date??  Its nearly Xmas!! How exciting.  What are you planning on wearing on your nails over the festive season?  Do share in the comments below.

So, back to the polish today.  This one came from my lovely swap package from Lindz behind Girl in the Glasses (go visit if you haven’t already!) and you can see what lovelies I sent her by clicking here.

If you are interested in swapping there are two ways to go about it, firstly if you are on Facebook you can join a swapping group.  By doing a couple of low value swaps you develop your reputation for swapping and then you may be approached by more regular swappers.  But do no ever swaplift – this is where you get people to send you packages and you don’t post your end.  The Nail Polish Community is quite tight knit and rallies around.  Secondly, you can join something like Make Up Alley and earn swap tokens.  This is much wider than just polish as the name implies.  You can also stalk blogs and ask people to swap with you, although do not be offended if people say no.  I’m often engaged in a couple of swaps at a time and so have to say no for the sake of my wallet and in the attempt to keep my stash down to a manageable size!  Feel free to suggest groups etc in the comment for other readers.

Anyway, moving on to the polish from my swap with Lindz (where I did my best to get her some awesome stuff of the list she provided, but bizarrely Bourjois was quite hard to come by in the the specific colours she was after!).  I love Catrice Cosmetics.  They do some great lines, have regular limited edition lines and the price point is awesome.  Only drawback?  They are not available in the UK.  Like Essence.

This is one of the newer colours from the changes to the permanent line up in Fall 2012.  Several were retired and there were some reissues, including No Snow Petrol, which I am about to show you now.

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Wow, this is an awesome polish.  Its a light turquoise with a pale blue shimmer.  In the sun the shimmer is very apparent and obvious.  In the shade it is much more subtle.  Formula was lovely.  Almost a one coater, but the second coat does provide depth of colour and perfect coverage.  I used Essie All in One to base and then top coated with Seche Vite.  Drying time for No Snow Petrol was excellent, I was based coated, painted and top coated within 20 mins.

What do you think?  What other new Catrice Polishes should I check out?

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