Nailgasam – Star Dust


I have a polish to show you today that is a new brand to me.  This is a Nailgasm Polish called Star Dust.  My its a pretty little polish.  From what I can tell, Nailgasm Polishes are available directly through an Etsy shop orvia Facebook.  Its a blue based glitter top coat, packed with silver and blue glitter in a number of sizes and shapes, including stars!!  Its lovely.  Anyway, onto the pictures!

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I put two coats of Star Dust over Megalast Root of All Evil, a good deep metallic blue, and as you can see its a bit of a stunner.  I decided it was best to pop it over undie polish, simply to preserve the polish I have and sometime it just looks better.  Plus, too many coats sometimes obscures the glitter in early layers.  You could probably build up a jellie like finish with about three or fout coats.  Anyway, these two coats went on smoothly over the base coat.  The only slight struggle occurred with the stars, they aren’t the most easiest thing to get our, but I nearly got one per nail.  They were not a problem at all, with a coat of Seche Vite, they behaved themselves and stayed flat.

I really like this, I think it would also look good over dark purple, so I might try that next.  Finally,  really love the bottles and I cannot wait to check out more!!

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