Alessandro – Murky Woods

I have one of the lovelies that was sent to me from the lovely Lindz at Girl in the Glasses.  I think I am a little bit smitten with these Alessandro polishes.  They are small, have nice brushes and come in a great range of colours.  The one I have for you today is called Murky Woods, a dark rich brown with a hint of a shimmer it in.  I’ll be honest here, its a tough colour to describe, and even harder to capture it in images.

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Now, I don’t think Alessandro likes Seche Vite.  At all.  I am well aware of the shrinkage on my nails.  And it came on really quickly too.  Next time I wear it I will use a different top coat to see if that makes any difference. Its a super unusual colour once it is on the nail, it has a subtle shimmer that takes it away from being a sludgey colour and makes it interesting. The brush on this polish is thin and you can probably get away with three swipes of polish per average sized nail.

What you see above is three thin coats, over Essie all in one base coat and my usual Seche Vite topper.  Dry time between coats was good and the formula is very smooth indeed.  The smaller sized brush stops overloading and flooding of cuticles.  Well worth seeking some of these polishes out if you happen to be in Europe.


6 thoughts on “Alessandro – Murky Woods

  1. I just used the Alessandro polish Lindz sent me and I love it!


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