Pretty & Polished – Bayou Blitz

I have a lovely polish that has been on my wishlist for a LONG time.  I had taken if off as it is no longer available directly from Pretty and Polished.  Its a lovely neon green with little yellow flecks and GIANT glitters in a variety of colours.  Its a bit different to anything else I have in my stash.

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As you can see it is VERY green.  I used Julep Leah as a base so that I had an opaque base (Leah is a very pretty green let me tell you) and I wouldn’t have to use up lots of polish.  Now, much as I love it, its a bit of a ‘mare to work with.   The big bits of glitter are stuck around the inside of the bottle and don’t come out very often.  I tried storing it upside down, shaking and fishing for bits.  But I didn’t get as many out as I would have like.  But its still cute and unusual enough to have a loving place in the stash.  What you see above is two coats of Leah with two coats of Bayou Blitz over a Essie Millionails base and a good thick Seche Vite coat.

Pretty and Polished is available via the etsy store, you can find some of the older edition polishes in blog sales or via this new shop found here.   Its also worth finding P&O on Facebook for sneak peaks or forthcoming colours and all sorts of nail polish things.

What Pretty and Polished do you have?  Which ones are on your wish list?





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