New Things I have Spotted #43 – Rimmel Cocktail Colour

Hey! Hope you are having a good week so far. Seems that the new collections are slowly seeping out into the high street. A couple of days ago I spotted these new Rimmel nail polishes. As you can see, the theme is cocktail and they all appear to be highly pigmented glass flecked polishes. There appears to be three in the collection at this time. That purple one is duo chrome/glass fleck goodness!


The orange one is Shirley Temple, the red one is Baby Bellini and the purple one is Hawaiian Punch. In the promo stuff on the stand, I’m not sure if that is a blue one off to the edge or just a (badly) edited version of the purple.  Guess we wait and see.  Also out at the same time are new ScandalEyes, which you can see in the image below.  Quite fancy one of them.


Anyway, the polishes are a bit of steal at £3.99 and they are already up on the Boots website for purchase.  They also appear to be running a 3 for 2 on Rimmel products so now would be a good time to take the plunge if you fancy them.


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