Illamasqua – Speckle

Goodness, look at this image.  Isn’t it just the most wonderful piece of advertising you have seen for Nail Polish in a while?  So simple yet exceptionally effective.  I was hooked on this range as soon as I saw this add, hook, line and sinker.

To date, I have been very very good, I have only bought two of the five, but believe me, I wanted them all.  Seriously want them all.  They launched instore and online at the end of January.  When I stopped by my local counter, it was rammed with lots of people wanting to try all the new products.  In fact, the whole range is pretty fine and I love the Illamasqua approach.

But anyway, which ones did I get?  Well I am going to show you one today called Speckled.  This is the purple/lavender one.  The entire range appears to have the same colour speckle rippled throughout them.  They may look black, but I think they are actually a navy.  As with all Illamasqua polishes, the brush is attached to the square lid and its a thin enough brush to work with.  Three swipes is easy to achieve.

So, onto my pictures which are by no way as artistic as that one above….

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I used Essie Millionails as my base.  I’ve been using a mix of base coats over the past few weeks and it seems to be working.  Since being away in October, my nails were splitting like crazy.  But now, they are much better.  I’m thrilled as this time last year my nails were a soft, peeling mess.  Lets hope they stay that way.

Speckled has a lovely formula, very easy to work with.  The little speckle bits come out of the bottle without a need for fishing or swirling the brush.  As with most glitter polishes, if you over work application, you find all the glitter bits ending up near the end of your nail.  So short and sweet is the key here.  This is three thin coats.  I love how the effect builds up with each layer.  It does go on quite sheer so I was surprised and delighted with how opaque it was after only two.  Three coats left me with a good even finish.  Drying time was excellent.  A Seche Vite top coat and I was good to go.  I wore this for nearly two days and the wear was fabulous. Removal wasn’t too hideous either, just use the cotton ball method where you place remover soaked bits of cotton balls onto the nail for a couple of minutes.  Then press as you swipe the cotton ball off the nail.  It comes right off.

These I’mperfection polishes are all limited edition so if you fancy them, you need to move quickly.  The lovely counter staff were telling me they had nearly sold through their allocation on the first day and I imagine that stock online will also move quickly.  The RRP for these is £14.50, £1 more than the regular line.  You can pick them up online directly from Illamasqua,  at any of their stand alone storesor at any one of their counters within the UK.  Store finder is here.

So, what do you think?  Look out for the second of my purchases very shortly……

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7 thoughts on “Illamasqua – Speckle

  1. I really need to give Illamasqua products a try. Not sure if you’ve heard of them or seen them yet, but Deborah Lippmann’s spring 2013 Staccato polishes look a bit similar to these. They all remind me of the Nails Inc. Sprinkle collection, however Illamasqua’s are ever so slightly different since they have that smaller glitter as well.


    • Yes I have seen some bottle shots of the new DLs, I don’t have any because I think the price point in the UK is ridiculous and to be honest, I’d rather have Chanel. There are quite a few sprinkles lines now too, I have some by W7. The difference with the Illamasqua ones is that the speckles are all the same colour unlike the Nails Inc ones plus, as you say, the difference in glitter size is lovely.


  2. I need me a couple of these too! Looks great on you!


  3. These are so pretty! A bit pricey though! x


    • Yeah I know, £14.50 isn’t a throwaway purchase by any means. I’m sure that we will shortly see some very similar dupes, even more so than those from Accessorise and W7

      Thanks for your comment x


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