Cult Nails 2nd Anniversary Set

Hey there!  Hope you are having a great week?  Got any plans for tomorrow at all?

I’ve got a set of three polishes for you today from the US based Cult Nails.  Cult Nails are an awesome nail polish company that do international shipping.  They are always doing special offers for their fans, including awesome sales and opportunities to win polishes.  I like that in a company.  Plus, Maria behind Cult Nails runs a blog with sneak peeks and all other kinds of awesome.  Anyway, the link you will shortly want will be this one, direct to the shop!

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This is the second anniversary set, consisting of three polishes;  Tempest (white), Fetish (matte/leather effect black) and Blaze (sparkle central).  What you can see above is a mix of all three.  And colour me impressed.  I am in L.O.V.E  What a formula, one coats all.  Although I did two coats of everything other than Blaze just to ensure I had a great base on which to show off Blaze.  The white polish, Tempest, is particularly impressive.  It is smooth and creamy, just an amazing formula.  It dries quickly and is super snow white.  Love it.  Fetish was a nice surprise.  Obviously, its a black polish.  But its not a creme.  It dries slightly matte and looks like leather.  Again, one coat was almost perfection.  I love how this looks, its fabulous.  Blaze, the final of the three, is a mix of orange, gold and reddish glitter in a clear base.  I put it over all my nails and wow does it sparkle.

I used Essie all in one Base with a Seche Vite Top Coat.  Obviously, if you top coat over a matte polish it does go more glossy and loses that leather look.

I bought mine as a set, which was cheaper than buying them all individually.  Postage to the UK was also reasonable and my order was dispatched and with me in 8 days.  You can now purchase any of the set individually for $12 each and none of them are flagged up as limited edition.  But if you like them, I strongly urge you to take the plunge.  I have been delighted with mine.

I can’t wait to try even more Cult Nails, what should I get first??

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2 thoughts on “Cult Nails 2nd Anniversary Set

  1. I have these three and adore them , the white one is an excellent stamper!


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