Essie – Wild Thing

This polish has been on wish list for about two years, ever since I had a manicure with it on a trip to NYC. I loved it, summed up the trip wonderful, red and glittery, it was the perfect for the couple of days we were there.  So I loved her and left her behind, but I never forgot.  And then I couldn’t get hold of a bottle without paying lots of money.  I waited.  And I waited some more.  I looked when we went to Florida, everytime the slot was empty.  Everything.  I felt a bit jinxed.  Anyway, along came my Polish Picking Princess, we have become firm friends over our love of a pretty bottle of polish.  Thank goodness for my PPP because she was able to slay the Wild Thing need.

And Wild Thing is still as pretty, as red and as sparkly as I remember.  Just a word of warning, its quite hard to photography because all the sparkle makes my camera go a bit crazeeeee.

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What you see above is three thin coats over a base of Seche Clear sealed with a Seche Vite top coat.  The formula is a bit squishy, almost jellyish, but that might be deliberate.  On drying it does have a jelly like appearance, speckled with little glitter pieces.  Its lovely, really lovely and I so wish I could capture it better in images.

Essie have recently branched out into larger Boots and Superdrug stores in the UK.  I know in the US they are available in lots of places.  There are also plenty of online retailers, so a bit of googling will help you out.  What Essie Polishes to do recommend?


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