New Things I Have Spotted #44 – Essie, Claire’s, L’Oreal & 2True


Just a few new things creeping out into stores, so sit back and enjoy the pics!

First up, new Essie nail polish strips.


After noticing the new bit, I realised the whole stand has had a bit of a revamp.


A quick lunchtime jaunt into Claire’s brought me up close to a WHOLE range of new nail goodies. First up, nail art slices. Sorry for the blurry pic, I have trying to be subtle. The RRP seems to £3.00 for the wheels. Beneath that are some new Nail Pearls, RRP on those £5, and the come in a cute shaped bottle.



As you can see, there are some cute pieces. I may have to buy one or two. There were quite a few to choose from, including one that was just mini gems.



Also Spotted! are these new Top Coats from L’Oreal. Four to choose one, RRP £4.99 each. The black and white one is easily the most interesting. Main stream brands imitating indies – it was only a matter of time.



New limited edition 2True Gliteratti shades – I’ve heard a lot of about these from my fellow british blogers, but first time I have seem them instore myself.


And then, finally, after seeing them on many a british blog, the new Barry M Textured Polish and the new Gelly Nail Paints.


So thats all for now, what have you Spotted! recently?


One thought on “New Things I Have Spotted #44 – Essie, Claire’s, L’Oreal & 2True

  1. The Essie polish strips landed here recently as well. I’m shocked to see that store still has the entire Leading Lady collection in stock still! I’m kind of kicking myself for not picking up Butler Please, but alas I have Mesmerize and it’s close enough.


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