Zoya Pixie Dust – London

This is the last in the short run of Zoya Pixie Dust polishes.  London is a gray matter shimmer bomb, described by Zoya as a ‘fog gray with a sugared sparkle’, how can you not love a description like that?

Anyway, onto the pictures!

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The Zoya page says not to use top or base coat but I used Seche Clear as a base coat regardless.  If you have time, it might be an idea to let each layer dry before applying another.  And then remember that you haven’t put a fast drying top coat on and messing about might cause it to punch up and need redoing.  The texture isn’t too rough, it is even which is a bonus, its akin to slightly rough sandpaper.  Its quick relaxing running your fingers over it!

Zoya is available through resellers such as Amazon and eBay, Zoya does not ship outside the US or Canada.  US retail point is around $9, outside the US prices will vary.

So out of Nyx, Vespa and London, which one is your fav?  I so want to get my hands on Dahlia ‘a black beauty with a sugared sparkle’ and Chyna ‘a red dazzle with a sugared sparkle’


4 thoughts on “Zoya Pixie Dust – London

  1. You’re killing me with all these Pixie Dust swatches! Way to add fuel to my polish hoarding fire. lol I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these myself.


  2. This is the one I want to try – it looks super on you! Have you tried any of the other textured polishes yet (Barry M, OPI Liquid Sand, Boots17) and if so how do you think these compare?


    • Hello. Thanks for your comment. Funnily enough I’ve just picked up a Barry M & a Seventeen one. Posts hopefully within the next week, so keep popping back 🙂


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