New Things I have Spotted #45 – Seventeen Rock Hard Polish, Maybelline Color Show & Leighton Denny


Well hello Friday!  Where is the time going??  Anyway, a few more ‘new’ things to flag up.  Firstly, the new Seventeen Rock Hard Nail Polish.  Seventeen was 17 and is undergoing a bit of a name change, I’m hopeful of a selling off of the old branded items, but lets wait and see on that.  To the right of the stand you can see some large nail shaped colour panels, these are textured and are meant to illustrate the feel of the polish.  I kind of like that.20130221-183129.jpg

Then a smaller in-stand display, again with the touchy feeley part.


Maybelline Color Show polishes are now finally in the Maybelline stand.  Including a range of metallic ones in the top of the stand (orange, blue, lime and fuschia)



Bit of a close up on the limited edition for you.


Finally, not really new, but not sure how I missed it.  The new Leighton Denny A/W 2012 collection.  In Marks & Spencer’s of all places.



5 thoughts on “New Things I have Spotted #45 – Seventeen Rock Hard Polish, Maybelline Color Show & Leighton Denny

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  2. I really like your ‘new things I have spotted’ posts. So nice to have updates relevant to the UK – I have looked for a few things after seeing them on your blog. Most blogs I subscribe to, I have virtually no chance of getting the polishes I like the look of lol


    • Aww thanks Maria, I appreciate your lovely comment. I love putting them together and seeing what is new out there. Do keep us up to date if you buy anything in particular! 🙂


      • Hiya, I looked out for Rimmel Cocktail colours after seeing them on your blog – resisted for a while, then lost the battle and bought the purple one lol. I have only swatched it on a swatch stick so far but it looked gorgeous under a lamp – just hope all that pink shimmer is visible when I get around to wearing it 🙂 xx


      • Oohhh I love it when a proper shimmer translates onto the nail. Fingers crossed for you! I must admit I keep looking at them and them moving on, Rimmel and I don’t get on in terms of nail chemistry.

        Let us know how to goes on


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