Seventeen Rock Hard Polish – Black

After all the Zoya excitement last week and my first sighting of the new textured polishes by Seventeen, I caved and bought the black one.  I am beginning to get quite into the textured trend, its a bit different but not way out there like flocking or fish egg manis.

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I used Seche Clear as my base top and because this is a textured polish no top coat needed.  Its quite a thick polish and can flood your cuticles if you are not careful.  It goes on super shiny and then as it dries the texture become more apparent.  Unlike the Zoya polishes, the textured particles are not evenly spread throughout the polish, and so you will need two coats to get an more even finish.

It is much grainier than the Zoya pixie dusts, they felt like smooth sandpaper.  These are a bit rougher.  In fact the bottle lid in very similar in texture to that of the dried polish.  It does take a fair bit of time to dry rock hard and I found the texture was more even if I waited a bit between coats.

There are four in the current range, black, gray, red and blue.  RRP is £3.99 and you can purchase Seventeen polishes from Boots, either in store, or on the website.

What do you think?  Have you tried any of the Rock Hard Polishes?


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