Sally Hansen Insta Dry – Pewter Power

Quick post for you today with one of my recent Poundland pick ups.  This little Sally Hansen beauty was £1 and there were several other colours.  Insta-dry isn’t a line on the UK Sally Hansen page but I am assuming that these are US clear outs as its a line available in the US>

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As with most of this range, drying time is excellent.  The brush is tapered so it fits onto your nails surprisingly well.  And its almost a one coater, quite impressive.  I based coated with Seche Clear and then a layer of Seche Vite as a top coat sandwiched between two layer of polish.  Formula was good, not too thick and its a lovely shiny polish.  Quite pleased with this for £1.

So, you UK girls, did you get any deals at Poundland?


5 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Insta Dry – Pewter Power

  1. I have got quite a few different Insta-Dris from Poundland – all have a lovely brush and great formula – Bargain!


    • They are a great deal. I had another look earlier this week and they seem to be on the way out. Shame as they are in most cases great polishes.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂


      • I know, I haven’t seen any for quite a while now 😦 There was nothing worth getting at all (nail polish wise!) this week. I already have tealy fast, uptempo plum, emerald express, grape escape, ruby rush, quick brick, beige blast and bronze ablaze lol – guess I can’t complain :D. I love the fact that the name is printed nice and big on the top of the lid too – I only had to open my helmer drawers to read which ones I had.


  2. I got the Sally Hansen Instra-Dri, Coco a-go go from Poundland a few weeks ago. great little find and like you said, can’t go wrong for a £1 x


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