Things I have Spotted on Holiday! #1

I thought you might like to see some of the nail polish and related things I saw on my recent holiday.  We had a lovely time even though the first few days were marred by a storm, but the weather cleared up a treat and we had wonderful weather for the rest of the week.

There a loads of brands I saw on holiday that are new to me or things I know you can’t get in the UK.  However, on return home I found out that the lovely Sally is now stocking Essence and Catrice polishes for those of us in the UK.  Her store is here; Sally Magpies and do also visit her blog here.

Anyway, onto the pictures!

These first two are from the Flormar shop.  I have fallen hard for their scented nail polish remover and their lovely Neon polishes.  I also got some of their new Matte polishes, plus they were on 3 for 2, can’t argue with that!



I’ve never heard of this brand, but it looks like the stand is new in the store as it was being stocked.  Googling just gives me a whole load of sites trying to sell me ‘rare’ OPIs.


New Pshiiit supported Nail Art items from Bourjois.  Including some nice looking nail stencils.  Nice pages on the French Bourjois page too, see here.




One thought on “Things I have Spotted on Holiday! #1

  1. We have Flormar here but I’ve not heard of Rare. That is awesome that there someone is stocking Essence and Catrice products in the Uk now!


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