Catrice – George Blueney

A quick post form the vault today as I sort out all my holiday stuff, like unpacking, washing, picking which nail polish to wear first etc etc

This is form the soon to be (if not already) discontinued Catrice line of nail polish.  In 2013 they are relaunching the whole polish line and some old favourites get a new name and we get a whole lot of new lovelies.  Anyway, this is George Blueney, a midnight blue polish with a hint of a shimmery duochrome shift.

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I found the formula a bit waterey on this one, it took a while to build up the colour and what you see above is three coats over a Nailtiques base of Formula 2.  The colour look so lush and lovely in the bottle but it doesn’t translate as well onto the nail.  A real shame as its a beauty in the bottle.  Even a nice coat of Out the Door top coat didn’t bring the bling.  The top coat also made the polish shrink slightly and you can see this in the images.

What did I like, apart from the colour in the bottle, is the brush.  The Catrice brush is similar to the tapered Dior brush, easy to use and good for keeping polish away from your cuticles.

So for those of us in the UK, Catrice is not readily available to us.  You need to European buddy or a short break to Spain to fill the need.  If you are lucky enough to be in Europe, they are very reasonable and have a super wider make up range.

UPDATE – of course in yesterday’s post I mentioned that you can now get some Catrice and Essence from Sallys Magpie. Her store is here; Sally Magpies and do also visit her blog here.


4 thoughts on “Catrice – George Blueney

  1. The new nail polish collection displays say that it has been reformulated as well. I was a little saddened that they did away with some nice colors like Dirty Berry. I’ve been stocking up on it when I come across some discounted bottles as it is my favorite color from Catrice.


    • I saw the older polishes on my recent holiday, I snagged a bottle of Dirty Berry for 2€ so can’t complain plus I got a couple of others. Be very interested in seeing what the new polishes look like. Have you seen the new Essence Hugs and Kisses yet?


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