Wet N Wild Fergie – Ferguson Crest Syrah

First week back at work after holidays nearly done and my goodness its cold here in the UK at the moment.  I have a few daffodils poking their heads up in the garden and hopefully we will start to get some warmer weather and they will be well on their way to flowering.  Plus, first weeks back are exhausting!  I know I was only away a week but blimey I need another week to get over the shock of getting back to work!

Anyway, enough of my complaining, I have a polish for you today that I picked up in a sale bin during my trip to the US late last year.  And I did nothing with it, kept thinking that it would look awful on.  What a mistake.  Lets check out some pics!

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What you see above is one of the Wet N Wild Fergie edition polishes.  This one is Ferguson Crest Syrah.  Now it was in the sale bin because it was a bit gunky, lots of polishes in drug stores are not sealed and people just try them on, don’t put the lids on or just generally mess with make up.  So it was very gunked up around the neck and a bit thick.  However, a bit of a clean up and some Seche Restore in the polish made all the difference.

As the name implies, this polish is a wine based raspberry colour with a bit of a duochrome.  And its actually quite stunning on the nail.  I used a base coat of Seche Clear and one coat of the Fergie polish was almost perfection.  Seriously good.  The brush is slightly tapered a bit like the Dior and Wet N Wild Megalast brushes so you can get a tight neat curve near your cuticle.  So very good, although for fear of bald spots when applying my top coat of Seche Vite. Two coats was awesome.

I’m really digging this polish, its still a good colour for this season, but then red is always good.  What do you think?  Worth the couple of dollars I parted for it?





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