New Things I have Spotted #47 – Invogue, Revon & Sinful Colors

My oh my, have I seen some things you are gonna L.O.V.E!!

First up, a new range to Superdrug Invogue, a budget line with its range of effects polish including concrete, suede and feather (last one not pictured below)


Now its getting exciting, with MORE new Revlons appearing in the larger Boots stores and online. Firstly, Revlon Moon Candy. RRP £7.99 each


Secondly, Revlon Nail Art Neons. RRP £7.99 here too. Just LOOK at the green and orange!!



Finally, Revlon Nail Art Expressionist. Again, RRP £7.99


And, finally for this edition of Spotted! Sinful Colors land in the UK! RRP £1.99 each. I caved and bought two, along with a Revlon in the current 3 for 2 offer.


What do you think about the new ranges and what catches your eye??


8 thoughts on “New Things I have Spotted #47 – Invogue, Revon & Sinful Colors

  1. OMG Sinful Colors in Boots! I’m way more excited than I should be about this!


  2. hi lou! so happy you guys now have the revlon moon polishes! You can complete your collection at home! i LOVE the moons. I think i finally have a complete collection, maybe minus one of the black/silver ones. i agree with you, they need to have come out with JUST the top coats… my fave is the purple one. i buy them when they go on sale, and then get extras too. glad you got the neon and expressionist lines too. i don’t have any of those, because i cannot NOT buy the moons given choice, although the bronzey ones do tempt. AND YAY finally, sinful colors is there! its about time,right? i keep up with your blog as it comes to my email so thanks for the fun. best, tristan, your friend in utah.


    • Hey Tristan! Thanks for the message, delighted to say I now have a full set of Moon Candy, now have my eyes on the Neon polishes. Maybe if we keep saying we need the top coats then they might listen to us!! Thanks for the comment! 🙂


  3. OK, which Superdrug did you find the Invogues in?! I’ve been looking everywhere, I even went to Lakeside yesterday which has a huge Superdrug but to no avail!


    • I saw these ones in Manchester City Centre, but they had literally just arrived. Probably be on the shelf when the staff get to it. Its the only Superdrug I have actually seen them in however. No sign of the feather effect ones. They have been available online for a few weeks now. Thanks for the comment 🙂


  4. Hiya! I looked in my local Superdrug the other day, but no joy yet. May have more luck with Lakeside! We get 30% discount on exclusive brands to Superdrug, which makes it even more exciting lol xx


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