NerdLacquer – Entirely Unlike Tea

Hey hey!  Post number two in a week of Nerdlacquer!!!

This is Entirely Unlike Tea, a nudey glitter shine bomb of a nail polish.  To quote from the NerdLAcquer website Entirely Unlike Tea ‘is what the Polishomatic came up with when asked for a flashy-yet-wearable neutral. With an opalescent warm pinky-tan base packed with silver and iridescent glitter plus (and boasting a violet-pink opaline sheen), it’s almost, but not quite, precisely like tea from outer space’.  This one is part of the Hitchhiker’s Guide collection

On the website, the polish does look really peachy.  As we will see below, mine is much nuder in colour.  There are two sizes of silver glitter in this, along with a purple flash and some iridescent purple blue small glitter pieces.  Its quite complex.

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I used Essie Millionails for my base coat and then did a second base coat with Seche Clear.  This is me doing a pre-emptive nail strike as they are in great condition at the moment and I length I adore.  I will do anything to keep my babies looking like this!!  I then applied two coats of the polish.  Like Outed by a Probot the glitter dispersion throughout the polish is excellent, there were no issues getting glitter out and onto the nail.  I top coated with a thick coat of Seche Vite as it was a wee bit on the bumpy side

Much as I am impressed with the formula, its not a colour for me.  It is too pale and we know I like big bold glitters.  I bought it because I though it was more on the peach side.  But lessons learnt here, I know to stick with the darker side of NL.

There will be more Nerdlacquers to show you throughout week, so keep popping back for more!  Information about Nerdlacquer can be found on the website including info on any restocks. Nerdlacquer is also on Google+ so check that out for forthcoming restocks too.  There was mention of April 15th, but do check  Google+ for the most up to date information.  Retail is $10 and shipping is also available for us international polish lovers via Nerdlacquer or if you are fortunate to snag any of the Harlow&Co NL editions.

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2 thoughts on “NerdLacquer – Entirely Unlike Tea

  1. Oh gosh, a glittery nude Hitchhikers Guide polish? Too tempting for words, but if only it had come out more peachy like the colour on their website! I might still pick it up when they restock. How painfully expensive was the shipping?


    • Actually shipping was super reasonable, although she did state it was ‘nail polish’ on the customs label with makes me a bit twitchy!


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