Revlon Moon Candy

Now that my beloved Revlon Moon Candy polishes are available in the UK, I thought a recap post was in order.  I haven’t swatched every single one in my collection, but I have collated what I have below for your quick reference.

1. Galactic.  Dark navy polish, blue/green shiny topper

2. Orbit. Deep purple polish teamed with blue and purple topper.

3. Milky Way.  Dark gray creme with a silver and holo topper.

4. Moon Dust.  Black creme with a green and goldy flakie topper.  This one is less flakie and more glittery than the others.

5. Satellite.  Wine red creme with pink and gold topper.

6. Meteor. Olive green with a blue green topper.


Just to recap on availability, Revlon have FINALLY released these into the UK market.  As first seen on British Beauty Blogger these can now be purchased in Boots for £7.99, along with the Neon Nail Art sister polishes.

Which ones catch your eye?


4 thoughts on “Revlon Moon Candy

  1. I’ve wanted to try these Revlon polishes for a while. They are very pretty 🙂


    • That they are, bit pricey at £7.99 in the UK but unlike anything else on the market. Well worth a punt in my opinion! Thanks for your comment


  2. I see these in stores all the time but haven’t had the nerve to try them due to the cost. Thanks for convincing me to give them a go!


    • Thanks for your comment. I love them, just wish you could buy the top coats on their own, they seem so small and I’m already over half way through my Milky Way topper 😦


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