Sinful Colors – Winterberry

As you may recall, I kind of went into shock when I noticed both Sinful Colors and Revlon Moon Candy in my local drugstore.  These are two brands I either ask people to send me or when I do get to go to the US, I go a bit crazy when I see them.  I recently picked up a couple of SC polishes from my local Boots and this is the first one I’m going to show you.

This is Winterberry, a dark plum/dark lavender colour with a subtle shimmer in it.  Its a lovely colour but actually very hard to capture with my camera.

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It does picture a couple of shades darker, but you get an idea of the finish at least.  Formula was good, but on the runny side.  What you see above are three coats of polish, some thicker than others, but it seems to level off quite well.  I used Essie Millionails (which I hear is now discontinued!) on my base coat and Seche Vite as a top coat.  The Seche did bring a hint of extra dimensions to the colour.

Sinful Colors is now available in Boots, either instore on online here.  RRP is £1.99, but there are often 3 for 2 offers, so keep your eyes peeled!  You can also find out more information via the new Sinful Colors UK site which also includes as full range and images of all colors.

Which ones will you be picking up?


4 thoughts on “Sinful Colors – Winterberry

  1. I live in the US and have lots of Sinful Colors and love them all. They are pretty and cheap 🙂 I will try to put up some blog posts with those soon.

    However, you all at least have Models Own and other cool brands, which I plan on asking my friends to bring back when they go to London next week. It balances out somehow.


    • I shall look out for your blogs post then, I think we have mainly newer (or reissued) colours as the numbers are in the 1000s. It does balance out, we also have Barry M 🙂


  2. Beautiful! I’m loving sinful colors right now!! so glad they are available here now xx


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