Ask a British Nail Blogger – How do you store your polish?

British Nail Bloggers

Its time for another “Ask a British Nail Blogger’ question.

This time its all about that potentially prickly problem of how do you store your polishes.  So, here is my confession 😉


I store all my polish in small stackable boxes (which also fold when empty, ha! empty) and the image above shows the extent of my stackers collection. These then live, in stacks of two, within my wardrobe.


Here you can see in the top left, my mini collections (main stream and indie), top right is my Nicole by OPI collection, bottom left is my Magnetic polishes and some of my Essence 3 in 1 colour and finally bottom right, my Zoyas.


Here you can see my two black stackers which hold, you guessed it, my prized Chanel collection.  Next to them are my Sally Hansen and China Glaze boxes.


More boxes, full of polish….


And yet more, including my beloved Revlon Moon Candy.  Sharped eyed amongst you will notice that I store by brand.  I remember my polish collection by brand before colour, so this helps me find something very quickly.  I also have a sstash spreadsheet which is slowly creeping beyond 520….

How do you store your polishes?  Visit the collection below to see how my fellow British bloggers store theirs.


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