Revlon Moon Candy – Meteor

Very quick post today, with the last of my recent frenzy of Moon Candy wearing.  This is Meteor

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Meteor is a dark olive green, a real murky colour with a green and gold flakie top coat.  This is actually one of my favourites.  The topper here applies more smoothly than some of the others in the range, meaning extra thick coats of top coat are not required.

Anyway, the base creme is almost a one coater, like the rest of the range.  Although I did two to prevent streaking when applying the top coat.  Its worth waiting until the base colour is dry before applying the topper, otherwise the colour drags and you get light spots.  But this one was a dream to apply.  I used Seche Clear as a base and Seche Vite as my top coat.

Revlon Moon Candy can be found in larger Boots stores for £7.99 or via their website.  They aren’t listed on the Revlon UK site, but you can see the range on the US site here but note only seven shades appear on the Boots website currently.

Have you picked up any yet?


2 thoughts on “Revlon Moon Candy – Meteor

  1. Hi!
    have just started to follow you and HAD to post on this!

    ive been waiting for these to come out to try!!
    it looks really cool!
    But i think i have the similar kind of colours and flakies so i could probably make my own.

    I think these are gonna sell really well, as its all in one “tube” and some folks who havent yet reached the indies polish would totally love them as they look unique!

    Love the review, thank you!


    • Hi Claire, thanks for the comment. Yes, you are probably right, if you have a good flakie stash you might be able to create very passable dupes. Do post some on your blog if you have a go. 🙂


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