Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots – Rain Forest Canopy

In my last edition of Spotted!  I shared with you all the new Maybelline Color Show Polka Dot Polishes.  This is the first one I have had time to swatch and share with you.  This is the green one of the bunch, known as Rain Forest Canopy.

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As you can see, its a jelly-ish teal green with black and white glitters in of different sizes.  I wasn’t sure how opaque it was going to be as a true jelly is not my favourite type of finish.  However, three average coats later and opacity was not an issue.  First coat had a tendency to drag the glitter towards the free edge of my nail but careful applications on coats two and three rectifies that nicely.  I used two of the  Essence Better Than Gel Nails products; the base sealer and the top coat.  Still quite fond of these, not sure how much is left as the bottles are not clear.

Drying time for this was actually very quick, by the time I had finished on my last nail, the first one I painted was pretty much touch dry.  I was able to romp through this mani quickly, base, three coats and a top coat.  Brush for the Maybelline Color Show polishes tends to be on the thin side, so you usually need multiple sweeps to paint a nail.  Each bottle contains 7ml of product and retails around the £3 mark.

Find out more about Mayeblline Color Show on the (US) website here, check out the Pinterest Board and look at the (UK) Maybelline Color Show page.

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3 thoughts on “Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots – Rain Forest Canopy

  1. Oh my, the nail polish hoarder in me is crushing hard on this one!


  2. I have this polish and I too was impressed with the dry time…so quick!!


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