Spotted! In Holland!

I am a very lucky lady, I can currently in Holland on a work related visit.  When I arrived I had a small window of time to myself, so what else is a polish lover to do but find polish!!

First up, I went to de Bijenkork, the premier department store in Amsterdam.  Two reasons for visiting – I had a hunch that in mainland Europe the new Chanel range was already out.  I was right on the first count, PLUS they also had one bottle of Taboo left, so I grabbed that along with Azure, the peacock green/blue.  Absolutely killer range of products this time around, loving the eye liners too!


Secondly – On the second floor of de Bijenkork is the mysteriously titled ‘Nail Bar’, which turns out to be the KOH experience bar.  Wow, this is a bit full on to be frank.  When I was there is was RAMMED.  They do nail treatments too and so can get very busy and distracted doing that and not serving customers.  I took a lot of images…. just scroll for a bit.



Look at this giant box of KOH??!!



After that I went for a wonder and saw two wonderful stores that are well worth a visit – first up Douglas.  A make up and beauty store.  Lots to see here including their own brand polish and they also stock KOH.


Then, I stumbled across the HEMA Beauty store.  They have recently released a range of duochromes and holographics.  Lovely and very reasonable priced!!  You can even get some of the polishes in the small store in centraal station, but if you are going shopping its worth seeking out the beauty shop.


I was also able to find Essence and Catrice in a store called Kruidvat and there are a couple in the city centre.  There are probably lots of places where I should also look, so hit me up in the comments and you may catch me before I head home!


2 thoughts on “Spotted! In Holland!

  1. Glad you enjoyed De Bijenkorf, I practically live there 😉 Kruidvat’s definitely the place for Catrice, one other tip would be ‘DA’ on the Leidsestraat, basically the large shopping street on the way to Leidseplein. They often have a bucket full of discounted (discontinued) OPI and several other polish brands including KOH, WIC, their own brand, Bourjois and some random others. If you need more tips let me know! And have fun here in AMS 🙂


    • Thanks for the comment. I’m not sure ill have time to check out DA but there is always next time!! Also got some of the new Catrice and special edition Essence so I’m thrilled. 🙂


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