Chanel – Taboo

Wow, I have a beauty of a polish today.

This is Taboo, from Collection Revelation, by Chanel for Spring 2013.

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First up – this polish DOES NOT look like the polish in the bottle.  At all.  Not even close.  But my word its a beauty.  Formula was lovely, smooth and creamy.  Almost a perfect one coater, but two ensures even coverage and great levelling.  As with all Chanel polishes, the black cap pops off and you hold a smaller lid.  The brush is of average size and is super easy to work with.

Just adore this, well worth picking up if you can.  I’m not sure of release dates in the UK, but I am sure I read June 2013.  If I find out where I saw it, I will update, but I know you can pick this up from the pop up Chanel store in London.  Usual RRP is about £18 in the UK.


6 thoughts on “Chanel – Taboo

  1. If I knew it wouldn’t be such a hassle for me to get this (kind of like Malice during the holidays) I would definitely add this to my collection.


  2. It’s released on June 14th.


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