P2 Sand Style – Seductive

I’ve been a lucky bunny, as I’ve just recently got back from a short break to Germany.  So you have guessed it – more European Nail Polish for you all to lust over!!

First up, a brand that I have known of, but never owned is P2 with one of their Sand Style polishes.  As you may have already guessed this is a textured or sand finish polish, akin to those Barry M Textures or OPI Liquid Sand.  This colour is called Seductive.  They must be popular as I was only able to snag 2 of these polishes, this one and a blue one.

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This is a great colour, purple with gold and pinky colour shifts.  Really nice and the colour is unlike other sand-style polishes I have seen. I’ve tried to capture the colour with an out of focus image.  You will notice that the gold is not as apparent as in the bottle, but its not to its detriment.

No top coat required for this polish types.  They do need longer to dry than your typical polish because the effect comes out as it dries.  And I’ll be honest here, they are pretty dentable until they dry.  What you see above are two coats of polish, the formula was good and easy to work with.

I really like this, wish I had been able to get a couple of the others… what do you think of sand style polishes?  Too much or bang on trend??


26 thoughts on “P2 Sand Style – Seductive

  1. Oo that colour is lovely! On trend- I’m loving the textured nails.


  2. I am also loving the textured polishes and have quickly amassed a good collection of them. However, when I saw these ages ago, when they were first released, I figured I’d pick a few up later and then of course when I went back to DM they were completely sold out. I’m not sure if they were limited edition or not, but I plan to do some digging to find out. If by chance I come across them again I will be stocking up and I will of course grab a few for you. I can also get a few of the Sugar Mat polishes from Kiko for you as well next time I’m in the store as I think you’ll like them.


    • Oh yes, I will have a look and let you know which ones I have my beady eye on!!! I could hardly believe how empty the shelves were! 🙂


  3. Oh yes these are VERY popular down here *sigh*
    They are pretty new in stock and the only ones you can get in germany pretty cheap. PLUS they are soooooo good 😀 I think maybe more like OPI liquid sands than Barry M or Kiko 🙂


  4. Pretty! I like the golden shimmer in there!


  5. I’m still on the fence about textured polishes, but I do love this shade 🙂


  6. This is such a pretty color!


  7. That’s super pretty! I love it


  8. Love it! I really love textured nails for they really last long and i find them classy too. I super like this color so I’ll def grab one of these.


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