Catrice – Petrolpolitan

A quick post for you today, things are a bit busy at home with small people’s birthdays and the like…

Anyway, this is one of the newly reformulated Catrice Nail Polish.  I picked mine up from Mainland Europe, but UK girls can now buy the directly from the lovely Sally over at Sally Magpies.  Do check it out.

Onto the pictures!

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Petrolpolitan is a new shade the range, its not quite as dark as forest green and it has a lovely shimmer rippling though it.  The shimmer is not as apparent as it is in the bottle, however it can be seen in bright light.  Otherwise its quite a subtle effect.  Formula is good, opaque in two coats.  Good drying time too.  Formula is much better with the reformulated polishes.  I base and top coated in Essence Better Than Gel Nails products.

Have you tried any of the new reformulated Catrice polishes, what ones would you recommend.







6 thoughts on “Catrice – Petrolpolitan

  1. I really like Catrice nail polishes and this one seems absolutely pretty.
    I have to try it!


  2. I might need this one. By the way, did I send you Catrice “Dirty Berry?”


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