Anny – Rock Your Nails

Oh my, I have a lovely polish for all you lovely people today.  Again, this is something I picked up in Europe.  This is from the brand ANNY and is their take on liquid sand/sand style nails.  This is from the Desert Glam Las Vegas Show Stars Collection.

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This is a lovely lavenderised silver, with a range of matte glitters within it.  Lovely, really pretty and it catches the light in such an amazing way.  It is simply stunning.

I used a base coat, here its G & G Stuck on Blu! and as you may recall, top coats are not a requirement with these textured polishes.  Gosh I love this, glitter and cool in equal measure.

Quality of this polish is excellent, good manageable formula with a good drying time – but time is needed between coats to allow the texture to develop.  These are smaller than the regular bottles but that isn’t always a bad thing as how often to you get to the bottom?  Brush is small but workable.

Very nice, loving this.  I think I paid about €5 for this and if I recall, I picked this up in a Douglas store. I’m intrigued now about ANNY what else is good??


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