Hard Candy – Pee Wee Purple

A dear polish friend of mine in the US recently sent me a lovely box of goodies, which had the excellent timing of arriving on my birthday.  In that box was a whole heap of glittery goodies, including a couple of the new Hard Candy US polishes that I have been coveting on some US Nail Blogs… there were four collections that came out pretty much at the same time.  Today, I have one of the Itzy Glitz polishes to show you

This, my friends, is Pee Wee Purple

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Now the first thing you will probably notice is that its quite a tall slim bottle.  It holds 7.8ml and the brush reaches quite far down into the bottom.  Therein lies a potential problem, I almost knocked it over twice whilst painting my nails.  Its not quite a precarious as a Julep bottle but its pretty damn close.

Anyway, the colour of this polish is spectacular, no amount of image manipulation is going to show how intense the purple is.  There is a bit of a duochrome effect, its very rich purple with a brown hint to it.  Its not like one of their earlier releases, Beetle for those of you with long polish memories.  Formula is a bit thin, but it does appear to dry quite quickly and go a bit gunky around the rim of the bottle.  What you see above it two thick-ish coats.  I used G & G Stuck on Blu! as a base coat and G & G HK Girl as my top coat.

Wear was pretty poor on this one, I had a chip within a couple of hours.  I’ve never really experienced chipping with G & G HK Girl top coat.  The colour is unique enough to my stash that I will try using it again with a different topper – but its close to one of the Bieber Nicole by OPI from what I can recall.

What do you guys think?  Yay or Nay?


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