New Things I Have Spotted #54 – GOSH, 1D, Nail Crush, Bourjois

My word, its AUGUST!!!  How the heck did that happen?  July is a 5 week month how can it have gone by so quickly?? Bah humbug!  But on the plus side, it means my August two week vacation is just over 2 weeks away.  Exciting!

Anyway, enough about me, how are you guys?  Holiday plans?  Holiday manis planned?  I have another edition of Spotted! for you today with a number of new items in the market and local drugstore.

First up, more textured polishes enter the world.  This time from GOSH called Frosted Sand Look, retail about £4.99 and I saw three new shades as seen below.


Here you can see the names and numbers 01 to 03.  Not sure if there might be an 04, but let me know if you spot it!


Then I spotted the 1Direction Nail Polishes, not unique colours, but selling because of the 1D connection no doubt.  These were the only two left.


Underneath the 1D polishes I saw this little sign about Nail Crush!  Quite excited about them… potential to be AWESOME!


More new Bourjois stands, this one has a new yellow and the other two a repromotes of existing colours.


Changes at the Revlon stand too, with the release of The Evening Opulence Collection by Gucci Westman.  The silver/green polish, called Rich, looks like it might be a dupe for the forthcoming (in the UK at least) Fall Chanel 2013.  Keep your eyes peeled for comparisons.


And now the new Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat and Sugar Coat polishes are in the stands in Superdrug as well as Boots.



Finally, even more textured polishes.  These ones from Posh Polish and called Grit FX.


Anything catch your eye this time?


16 thoughts on “New Things I Have Spotted #54 – GOSH, 1D, Nail Crush, Bourjois

  1. The gosh nail polishes look so gorgeous *-*


  2. I wish GOSH was easier to get here in the US! Fun to see what’s happening over the pond 😉


  3. Love these posts! Thanks for the upadate!


  4. Looks like lots of great polishes!


  5. The new GOSH polishes look amazing!


  6. I love these posts! Keep em’ coming!


  7. Love your ‘On-Land’ searches!


  8. I just tried the Nero (black) polish from Gosh. I’ve been consistently impressed by Gosh products – and the black polish was great!
    It went on streak-free with high shine and total opacity in 2 coats… and more over, came off like a DREAM with a bit of polish remover. I think it lasted 3-4 days before chipping (which is normal for me… I use my hands a lot I guess.)
    Shoppers only had 10-12 different colours of Gosh polish though – it’s cool to see all these other colours!


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