Anny – She’s Amazing

I have a stunner of a polish for you today, its another textured polish, but it a beauty!

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She’s Amazing, an exceptionally well named polish, is a hot orange textured polish from the Desert Glam Las Vegas Show Stars range  by ANNY that I saw in Europe.  The formula on this is excellent, great consistency, fabulous colour.  The colour is SO INTENSE and super saturated.  It is stunning and the hottest orange I have seen in a while (and I have a lot of orange polish!)

As with most textured polish there is no need for a top or base coat.  Habit forced me to base in my G & G Stuck on Blu! base.  But I didn’t use a top coat.  The brush is small but easy to use and provides good definition around the cuticle area.

I’m simply in love with this, and the other ANNY polish, Rock Your Nails, I shared with you a few weeks ago.  Wish we had better access to them in the UK, but your best best is either a European based nail pal or eBay.  These are limited edition so best to move quickly if they catch your eye.

I’m still into textured polish, how do you feel about it?  Over it?  Or can’t get enough?


9 thoughts on “Anny – She’s Amazing

  1. Beautiful! Don’t tempt us with things we can’t get! LOL! 😛


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