New Things I Have Spotted #55 – Revlon, Mavala, Color Show Vintage Leather & Dior Fall 2013


Hi there, have I go some Spotteds for your today!

First up, I was in Superdrug and spotted this small addition to the Revlon stand.  LOOK CHROMA CHAMELEON!!!


After that excitment, I walked up to my local Boots.  They had a new Mavala stand.


Then – new in the Maybelline stand in Boots, Color Show Vintage Leather.  Limited Edition of four polishes, not the ten available in the US.  The 3 for 2 offer makes three polishes for just shy of £6, bargain!


I picked up three, of course I did, but left the Tan one behind.  Cute name however, Tanned and Ready.


Then, yet more new things on the larger Revlon stand in Boots.  Firstly, new nail appliques by Marchesa!  Sadly all gone, but I will be looking out for these.


And in the same stand, a full range of six Chroma Chameleons.




Finally, the new Dior Fall 2013 is now out, Mystic Metallics.  Three polishes in this edition, two regular and one magnetic.




So, what do you think, seen anything you like?  Let me know if you spot anything new!


12 thoughts on “New Things I Have Spotted #55 – Revlon, Mavala, Color Show Vintage Leather & Dior Fall 2013

  1. The Chroma Chameleon shades look amazing! I really mustn’t buy any more polish for a while though :/ xx


    • Hi! Yeah they look awesome. Considering getting the two I have my eye on before the deal ends. Two for £10 is much better than £6.49 each! Thanks for your comment 🙂


  2. Ahhh I really want to try out the Maybelline Leathers and love the look of some of those appliques. Which Superdrug are you near? Mine one is only tiny, this looks like heaven!


  3. What is that blue Dior?? Looks to die for!


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