New Things I Have Spotted #58 – Revlon by Marchesa and Seventeen

Finally saw the Revlon Nail Appliques by Marchesa.  Aren’t they cute??  Even more excitingly, according to Vogue, this is the beginning of a longer relationship and more products!  This 3D nail range is the first of three lines.  We have six designs in this first roll out as opposed to eight in the US line.



20130827-192650.jpgI bought the last set, the black, gold and red ones.  Can’t wait to try these out.

Then, when I turned around in Boots, I noticed new Seventeen polishes.  Lots of new colours, probably as part of the new brand identity.


So, anything catch your eye?

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6 thoughts on “New Things I Have Spotted #58 – Revlon by Marchesa and Seventeen

  1. Fantastic news, can’t wait!


  2. Love your spotted posts they’re always great! Think you picked the best wraps, they look really nice. I’m on the look out for the new Revlon chalkboard dual polishes similar to Moon Candy? Theyve just been announced and I’m already detouring to the Revlon section every time I go out… just incase haha! x


    • I’ve not seen them in the UK yet and they aren’t on the Revlon UK website. It took the Chroma collection about 4-6 months to come out here from the US so I would image nearer Xmas perhaps. Of course, if I see them, you will be the first to know!


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