Chanel – Bel Argus

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I’m a bit late to the party with these images, I’ve had this polish a week or so after it came out and I was lucky enough to get it when passing through an airport in Germany – so duty free prices too!  This wonderful blue polish is part of the Summer 2013 L’Eté Papillon de Chanel Collection.  There are three polishes in this collection, all limited edition, the sea green Azure and the coral pink Lilis.  In fact the whole collection, and its associated imagery, is stunning… look at this lovely image!

Anyway, much as I love a good promo image, we are here to look at the polish, so here we go.

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Bel Argus is a wonderful dark, intense blue.  It is super saturated with colour and really catches your eye.  It is very jewel like in colour.  With the Chanel bottles, the black cap pops off and you are left with a screw cap that you hold.  The brush is of excellent quality and is not too thick.

The formula on this was excellent, its not as great as their legendary creme polishes, but still very good.  It was workable, leveling well between coats and drying in good time.  What you see above is three thin coats of polish, this really makes the colour build up quite intense and is not quite captured in my images.  I used Stuck on Blu as my base and top coated with Seche Vite.  Wear was good and I had minimal tip wear before I changed my polish.

Chanel polishes are available worldwide, in the US they can be purchased directly from Chanel or through large department stores.  In the UK, they can be bought online from Boots and picked up from large department stores.  The RRP in the UK is £18.

Did you pick up anything from the L’Eté Papillon de Chanel Collection?

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