Julep – O Canada!

Very quick post for you today.  This is O Canada! released by Julep last year, funnily enough to celebrate Canada Day.  Anyway, onto the pics…

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This is a dollop and spread approach to application over two coats of Julep Salah, a perfect cherry red.  I love this, it sparkles and glistens.  You can’t really see the red glitter as its over red polish, but the iridescent pieces really pop and its all wrapped up in a clear base.  I think I will try this over black or burgundy.  Julep is sadly only available directly to US and Canadian ladies, this one is out of stock, but you might be able to score via a blog sale.

What do you think?  How would you rock this polish?

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2 thoughts on “Julep – O Canada!

  1. I of course have the “America the Beautiful” version they did. lol I love the little stars in it.


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