Catrice – Mermaid My Day

I’ve got a lovely polish to share with you today, that was sent to me by my lovely pal in Europe, Lindz, who blogs at girlintheglasses. This is one of the new releases from Catrice, how lucky am I?? This is Mermaid My Day – what a great name!

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This is just a lovely polish, great colour, fabulous formula. I love it. The Catrice brush is easy to use and loads up a good about of formula. What you see here are two coats, over a base of Essie Millionails (now discontinued) with a top coat. Now, I used Essence Gel Look by Essence, something I picked up to try. Its awful, awful!!! No drying of any kind occurred. In fact, I had to put a coat of Out the Door over the top to get the blinking things to dry before bed time. So do avoid it if you come across it.

Anyway, love this, great colour, fab formula. What is not to like? Oh yes, the smurf fingers after removal.  Use a base coat everyone! And yes, its not a bad dupe for Chanel Azure… Azure is on the left and Sally Hansen Scarab is on the right.


Have any of the new Catrice polishes caught your eye?

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2 thoughts on “Catrice – Mermaid My Day

  1. I’m so glad you like it! That is great that it is such a good dupe for Chanel Azure…bonus!


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