Second Chance Saturday – Chanel Black Pearl

Alrighty, surprise!  Another Second Chance Saturday for your viewing pleasure.  This little love is Black Pearl, part of the Spring 2011 release and its sister polishes are Pearl Drop and Pêche Nacrée.

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I picked this one up when we went to a wedding in Toronto and I was so pleased to be able to get this early in the season.  I nearly didn’t, as several of the concessions we visited were already sold out.  But thankfully I struck gold, or black pearl in this case, at the Eaton Centre.

As you can see from the images, it does go a little streaky, but it is the most unusual of colours.  Its a blackened teal, kinda of like the edges of a healing bruise (pleasant I know) but I have nothing else like it. For these pics, its based with G & G Stuck on Blu! and topped with Dior Gel Coat.

Formula is good, coverage is excellent, if it was just that *little* less streaky, it would be perfect.

What do you think?  Does this have a home in your stash?

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12 thoughts on “Second Chance Saturday – Chanel Black Pearl

  1. Such a pretty polish! I picked up Pearl Drop and Pêche Nacrée back then but I left out Black Pearl. You might think now ‘what happened there that she did not buy the showstopper of the collection??’ … yeah well, that’s what I’m asking myself too … 😦


  2. I love these Second Chance Saturday posts!


  3. It’s too bad it’s streaky! The finish looks nice otherwise though 🙂


  4. oo! very nice! the streaks don’t seem too bad from the photos, but I can understand how that would be a pain.


  5. Aside from the streaks this is a gorgeous shade!


  6. Really pretty shade! I can’t wait to get a Chanel polish!


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