P2 Sand Style – Lovesome

I have a lovely P2 polish to show you today, I was helped in acquiring this from my lovely polish buddy Girlintheglasses (do visit her lovely blog) and its just lovely.  I am so IN LOVE with these P2 polishes there are no words to express my love.

This is Lovesome.  A pinky red rippled with silver-gold shimmer and it sparkles!

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What you see above is two thin coats over a base coat of G & G Stuck on Blu!  Like all textured polishes, you don’t need a top coat.  Formula on this was excellent, it covered the nail well and the brush picks up just the right amount of polish.  Very happy camper here!  First coat dries pretty quickly, but I did wait a little longer than usual to prevent accidental denting of the polish.

I seriously love these, a great price point and definitely great value for money. I’ve seen the odd one knocking about on eBay but do let feel free to share your hot spots for this range in the comments below.  And as always let me know what you think.

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