Second Chance Saturday – Chanel Vertigo

I’ve been going through my Chanel Nail Polish collection, oohing and awwing over the lovely colours in there.  So here comes another Second Chance Saturday, with Chanel Vertigo.  This was part of Les Essentials De Chanel for Fall 2012 and had two sister polishes in Suspicious (a hot pink) and Frenzy (a nude).

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Its a lovely dark gray, with a ripple of red within it.  The ripple doesn’t come onto the nail in the way its visible in the bottle.  The formula is lovely, rich creamy and easy to work with.  Drying time is good and it looks great.  Dark, mysterious and forbidden.  In bright light the red does appear briefly.  Its very subtle.

Did you pick up Vertigo in 2012?  As far as I can tell, Vertigo is now part of the permanent collection and you should still be able to get hold of a bottle.  Retail in the UK is around the £18 mark and Chanel can be picked up from a number of larger department stores and good sized Boots stores.

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One thought on “Second Chance Saturday – Chanel Vertigo

  1. This totally reminds me of the newly released Mysterious …


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