Sinful Colors – Leather Loose

Oh I have a treat for you today.  This polish found it’s way to me from my lovely sister who has been in the US.  I first saw these Sinful Color Leather Luxe Collection on Nouveau Cheap and fell in love with with one, Leather Loose.  I know, ridiculous name, but beautiful polish!

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As with most leather or matte effect polishes, you wear it without a top coat.  If you want to gloss it up, you can pop on your top coat.  What you see above is two coats over a base of Glisten & Glow Stuck on Blu! (which you can now buy via Rainbow Connection UK).  Formula is great, its smooth and the brush (when you don’t get a wonky one) is just lovely to use.  It dries quickly and dries to this velvet matte effect.  It actually feels soft under your fingers.  Its a dark brown with copper shimmer particles in it.  Perfect for the autumn season. Awesome!

I’m going to try this with a topcoat next time.  Should look stunning as this polish is super sparkly before it dries out.  Sinful Colors are a US brand, easily available in many US locations.  For those of us in the UK, you either venture onto eBay or call into your local large Boots store.  I’ve only seen one Sinful Colors collection in Boots, so I have no idea if these will ever come out in the UK.  The UK site is here.

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