Rhubarb Grunt

I’ve been back in my kitchen, enjoying the glut of autumn fruits. This time, however, I raided our freezer and pulled out my frozen rhubarb sticks (basically clean and chopped rhubarb, frozen on baking sheets until hard then bagged up).  I didn’t want to make a crumble, but I did want something similar.  So I tried out this recipe for Rhubarb Grunt- its basically a cross between a crumble and a cobbler.

The topping is made with flour, sugar, a crack of salt and whipped double cream.  Looks a bit like cauliflower (or brains…..) when you first dollop it over the fruit.


The topping bakes a goes a golden brown, keep an eye on it or its burnt city!



It was really lovely, the topping is actually rather light and airy, and its not too filling.  I think next time I might squeeze in a bit more fruit.  Very simple to make and a great way to use up left over cream or fruit.

Do you have a favourite crumble or cobbler recipe?  Do share in the comments, it was lovely that some of you shared your brownie recipes last week, thank you 😀


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