New Things I have Spotted #62 Wilco’s Nail Gems, Rimmel Space Dust, New Color Show, Barry M Autumn Collection, NYC Glitters & Gold is Back Bourjois

I’ve been out and about this week, looking for new things to show you.  Typically its been a bit slow the last couple of days and then BOOM its new products galore.  Scroll down to see what is new.

First up, there has been a real increase in the number of stores providing nail art ‘stuff’ from gems to pens to files, seems everyone is getting into the act.  I saw these little heart shaped jars of nail gems in Wilkinsons today – RRP is £1.  My real reason for going in was to see if there was the forthcoming Essence stand – for more on that see this post on Make Up Savvy. There wasn’t 😦

20131006-173724.jpgMoving swiftly on, I popped into Superdrug to pick up a few bits and saw this little lovelies.  Rimmel Space Dust.  This is their take on the textured trend, there seem to be five in the collection.  I picked up 004 Total Eclipse, the blackened green you can see on the right.  Good price point too at £3.99.


Moving along the cosmetic bays, hoping for those new Color Show Brocade polishes, I notice this new insert into the Maybelline Color Show stand.  Not sure if these are new shades, but Ice Queen, Plum Paradise, Green with Envy and Tutti Frutti look new to me.  Check out Tutti Fruitti in the next picture!20131006-173752.jpg

Super sparkly, this Tutti Fruitti, looks quite sheer in the bottle ( the runner on the stand does say transparent gel-based formula if I recall correctly that is the whole range…), but I didn’t pick it up, so keep your eye out for swatches.


Finally, our local Superdrug has the new Barry M mattes and textures.  This does make me happy *sigh* new nail paints in Mushroom and a couple of other colours too, RRP £2.99 and the new Matte and Textures RRP at £3.99.



NYC New York Color has updated its glitter range too.  I hadn’t noticed these before, but Disco Inferno has been repacked along side the black and silver Rock Muse polish.  20131006-173837.jpg

I also saw some of the new Bourjois One Seconde shades in the stand but was unable to get a picture as it was surrounded.  There are several new shades coming, the collection is called Gold is Back and is numbered 29 to 33.  Not yet on the UK site, but images are on the French site.  I picked up Dangerous Wish (number 31), swatches to come and that set me back £5.99, but it is stunning!

That’s all for this for now, do let me know if you see something new, feel free to tweet me a pic @BakingNails or drop me a comment.  I’d love to hear what you have been picking up.

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11 thoughts on “New Things I have Spotted #62 Wilco’s Nail Gems, Rimmel Space Dust, New Color Show, Barry M Autumn Collection, NYC Glitters & Gold is Back Bourjois

  1. i have the same space dust as you, and the green is actually duochrome green and purple. It was a lovely surprise when I got it in the sunlight! Also, there’s a hot pink one too, but I had to order online from Boots to find it. It’s not on superdrug website even though the other 4 are – how weird is that?


  2. The ColorShow polishes aren’t new (not sure about other three, I think I’ve noticed them tough). I’ve had a bottle of Green with Envy for about half a year. I’ve had quite some trouble with it, specially during the summer :(.


    • Oh thanks very much for the heads up. Superdrug have a tendency to stick that ‘NEW” sticker over any new insert. I think that Tutti Fruitti might be an older shade, as its on the UK Color Show website (which has only just been updated with the Vintage Leather polishes!)
      Thanks for the comment Kairi 🙂


  3. I just saw you and your site mentioned on Nouveau Cheap!


  4. I have Tutti Frutti and it is VERY sheer. I’m not sure how I will wear it yet.


  5. Ive not seen any of the colorshow ones before – defo new to me!

    Which Wilko’s did you check – theyre only at flagship stores (4 of them) atm – was it one of the flagship branches? Theyre supposed to be at Sunderland which is closest one to me, so I will have to have a nip over sometime and have a looksie.

    Also, I’m on the lookout for Revlon Chalkboards which are due out some time this month I think! 🙂 havent seen them yet though xx


    • Apparently some of the other Wilko’s have them earlier, so its defo the four flagships and a smattering of others. I shall just have to be patient!

      OOOhhh chalkboards, this makes me super happy! Lets keep our eyes peeled. 🙂


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