New Things I Have Spotted #63 – Revlon Chalkboard Nails, Barry M, Collection, Dior Winter 2013, Nail Crush, Nicole by OPI Gumdrops & L’Oreal Nails A Porter

Lots of new things for you all today! First up, I headed straight to the Revlon stand to see if the new Chalkboard nails were out – they are.  Man they are cute, what with the double ended bottles, the glass being slightly frosted and just generally being Revlon.  As we saw in this post, these are also available online in for £7.99



In the next bay along I spotted these new limited edition Barry M’s – one on the left very sparkly and the one on the right is festive bar glitter.20131019-155208.jpg

Also new to the shelves is the just released Gothic Glam by Collection. Great shades for halloween and vampy nails!20131019-155218.jpg

New winter 2013 Dior Rouges, four lovely shades of amazing reds.  Something for everyone here!  The whole range can be seen here on the Selfridges site.


This is my favourite!  Nuit 1947 – simply stunning


Moving onto new things, finally the 1D Nail Crush sets are out.  As suspected, they are just a polish with a pot of glitter.  20131019-155248.jpg

Then, yet more excitement in the Superdrug Nicole by OPI stand.  GUMDROPS!! Well almost… seems the stand has been prepped but no actual stock in my Superdrug.  Can’t wait for these, really want My Cherry Amour!20131019-155258.jpg

L’Oreal Nails A Porter are now out.  These are meant to be flexible false nails so they last longer.  Some cute designs, but I don’t think I will be buying.20131019-155308.jpg


So there we go, lots of new things to get checking out.  Anything catch your eye?


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