British Nail Bloggers Halloween Nail Art Challenge – Pumpkins

OK, here is something you don’t see everyday on this blog, a spot of nail art.  And I’ll be super honest here, I am very pleased with how this turned out.  I completely ripped the idea off from this wonderful mani from the super talented Emily AKA The Lacquerologist and you can see my inspiration by clicking here.

So, here we go (please be kind!)

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I used Maybelline Color Show Onyx Black for the base, two coats to get a nice even coat.  For the pumpkins, I used a mix of Sinful Color Sinful Shine in Patent Pleasure and OPI A Woman’s Prague-ative. Then I used my dotting tool to make two dots of the same size close together.  I then took a thin nail art brush and painted on the stalk in Essie Mojito Madness.  Then with a thinner brush, I painted on a little bit more of the OPI to provide a bit of texture.  Once it had dried for a few minutes, I coated it with a good coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl to seal it all in.

So, what do you think?  And what should I do next?  Let me know in the comments!


20 thoughts on “British Nail Bloggers Halloween Nail Art Challenge – Pumpkins

  1. Oh my goodness. How adorable!


  2. Cute pumpkins! They really pop on the black base.


  3. These look GREAT! I love how you used black as the base!!! ❤


  4. Such cute little pumpkins! I love it!


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