P2 Sand Style – Classy

Hello everyone, hope everything is going your way and that you had an excellent weekend!!  I’ve got another one of the wonderful P2 Sand Style polishes that was sent to me by the lovely GirlintheGlasses.  As you may recall from previous posts here, here and here that I am a little bit obsessed.

This is one of the new editions, either dark and wintery and mysterious, or pale and beguiling…..

Image from Allerleibloggerei

Today I have the black one from the collection, known as Classy and its a stunner!

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As we know with textured polishes, no top coat is required unless you want a glassy and shiny finish.  I used two coats of Classy in the images about.  I let it dry well between coats because otherwise I do find it is much easier to dent and knock pieces off.  The brush to average, very similar to Barry M, although these bottles are slighter more square.  I love that the colour caps match the polish within, I thought it might have bugged by OCD in my storage, but no, its actually rather delightful.

Fomula was great, smooth to apply and easy to work with.  It didn’t flood or puddle in my cuticles which is always a bonus.  It is black with blue and darker pink accents within it it.  I suppose its very similar in its colour way to ButterLONDON’s Black Knight but textured.  And as a girl who has a lot of black polish, its nice to have some variants!

I’m still loving texture, and as we will see this week, my obsession is getting a bit out of hand……..  P2 seems to only be available in Germany and nearby countries, although I have seen an odd bottle on eBay.  If you know of any other places to pick them up online, do let me know.

Let me know what you think in the comments!


5 thoughts on “P2 Sand Style – Classy

  1. So glad you like this one. I picked this color up for myself and loved it too.


  2. Its just awesome, thank you again!


  3. Love this – but wish P2 were available in the UK….


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