Barry M – Countess

Guess what I have for you today??  More TEXTURE polish, I know, I know, I really cannot help myself I just love them so much… anyway, to save me raving nonsensically, here are the pictures

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Wow, as you can see from the images, Countess is a stunningly autumn appropriate brown.  Barry M have knocked this trend out of the park with this most recent release.  There are five polishes in this Royal Texture collection and this is the darkest one.  I don’t understand why they have names and the names are not used on the website – weird.  Countess would therefore be tnp7 – awesome and is apparently purple.  Its not really very purple but there is a tone in there…

Anyway, Barry M polishes all come with a standard brush fixed into the cylindrical lid.  The texture polishes have a different finish type of the lid so that they stand out.  Formula was good.  Two coats over a base of Glisten and Glow Stuck on Blu!  No top coat.

What do you think?  Did you snag any of the Royal Texture collection?  Let me know in the comments



8 thoughts on “Barry M – Countess

  1. Love this one! Gorgeous! Too bad we can’t find that here! 😦


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