Maybelline Color Show Brocades – Rosy Rosettes

You may recall my excitement over the Color Show Brocade Nail Polishes in a recent Spotted! post – I went a bit crazy and bought all four and I was super happy about them.

Lets have a look at the first on up on the blog – Rosy Rosettes

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So, as you can see this one is red based glitter bomb of a polish.  There are a couple of glitter sizes in this polish, in both silver and red.  So its really does sparkle and catch the light.  You get 7ml in these color show bottles and I quite like the fact these limited editions have the names of the range on lid, its cute and means you always know which ones go together.

Formula was a tad on the gloopy side and looking at it on the brush, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be opaque so I did a layer of Nicole by OPI Keeping Up with Santa, a gorgeous lush red.  It was a bit of dab and spread effect to get an even coat over the nail, you can see two in the pictures above.  I based with Glisten & Glow Stuck on Blu! and topped with HK Girl, which did provide a super glossy top coat.

Now for the bad news – this is not a polish with any kind of staying power.  Within a couple of hours, I had a significant chip going on one nail, shortly followed by a second.  I have heard similar things from other bloggers, but I will try it again shortly with a different base and top combination and see if that has any effect.

In the US, the Brocades line had 10 polishes in it, whereas we have 4.  Each of recent limited editions, such as the Polka Dots and Vintage Leather, has been 4.  I’d like to try some of the other US ones, but I am slightly more hesitant now based on my experience.

Brocades retail for £3.99 and are available in a number of drugstores and larger supermarkets, but do keep your eye out for special offers.

Did you pick up any of the Brocades?  Let me know who you have been wearing then and how you have been getting on with them.

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11 thoughts on “Maybelline Color Show Brocades – Rosy Rosettes

  1. Oh my gosh, chips so quickly?!
    But a pretty colour ; )


  2. I managed to limit myself to 2…like you said, they chip so easily. But they’re pretty while they last!


  3. I hope they’re still available in three weeks time (since they’re cheaper in Estonia). This colour is gorgeous.
    Too bad about the chipping though. I’ve discovered that chipping can even depend on nail shape, at least in my case it does :O


    • I’ll cross my fingers for you. I think the prettiness is worth it for a night out. If you know you will only get a short time out of it, then at least you know where you stand.

      Let me know what you think when you get yours. Thanks or commenting 🙂


  4. I just picked up two colors from the Brocade collection last Thursday. We also only have four colors in Germany.


  5. I just referred back to your previous post when you spotted them in store and it looks like your selection is a bit different than what is available here even. I’m a little jealous of that white one.


  6. So pretty! beautiful color and looks fab on you.


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