Revlon Parfumerie – Wintermint

So moving swiftly away from the haul post, here is another polish from my trip.  This is Wintermint from the Revlon Parfumerie.

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Now some of you might be saying, hang on, this looks a bit familiar.  You would be right, this is known as a bit of a dupe for a Lippman polish amongst others.  Its super pretty, a pale turquoise/seafoam green with hints of metallics and for good measure teal glitters too.  The scent on this one is very  minty, and its lingers too.  Hung around for over two days.

Formula is good, with the little glitters you can drag them all to the top of the nail if you do the coats too quickly.  So two patient coats is what you see above. The smell does intensify as it dries.  Drying time is on the quick side, so its not too long to wait.  I used G&G Stuck on Blu! as my base and G&G HK Girl top coat, top coat only slightly dims the scent but obviously helps with the wear time.

I just love these, I wish I had bought more as the only other one I have is Autumn Spice.  However, excitingly, these will be hitting the UK on March 19 in Boots stores nationwide.  Hurrah!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments 🙂


3 thoughts on “Revlon Parfumerie – Wintermint

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